GTA 6 May be announced between the 20th and the 25th of March

All the game fans are patiently waiting for the official information from Rockstar Games and it looks like GTA 6 will be announced between the 20th and the 25th of March. Why do we think so? Because there are some important things happening right now.

Xbox Series X and PS5 technical specs are revealed

The information about next-gen consoles is revealed. Not so long ago Microsoft corporation shared the technical details of their Xbox Series X console. It will be a very powerful system for comfortable 4K gaming. It will have 16GB of RAM, good graphic card and other cool features. Then, several days later, Sony revealed the technical details of the PlayStation 5... PS5 will not be as powerful as Series X but it will also offer some very cool stuff.

How is this related to Grand Theft Auto 6? Well, before the technical console data is shown to the public we knew nothing about how good the new consoles are supposed to be. But right now we may see some very cool announcements from game developers within a short period of time. Rockstar Games can announce their new game on the next-generation consoles just because the players are "hot" right now. The consoles are announced, the technical data is also presented to the public, but there are not so many games announced for these consoles... And R* may be one of the first really big developers to make such an announcement to catch as much attention as possible. Right now is a very good time to show some cool in-game stuff. Such a demonstration will definitely get a lot of hype from Next-gen consoles fans.

The most trusted leaks point to the 20th of March

All GTA 6 fans know a mysterious person with gonnaenodaethat nickname from GTAForums. It's a famous guy who had made some very accurate GTA and RDR game leaks in the past. Not so long ago he became very active on the forums. He posted a strange message with some random letters. GTA 6 fans on Reddit decrypted this message and received some numbers. Many of the Reddit users think that these numbers are GTA 6 announcement date. The date tells that the new game may be announced on the 20th of March.

As you see, we have a very interesting leak from a trusted person. Moreover, 20th - 25th of March is a perfect time for announcing new games for next-gen consoles. That's why we may see some OFFICIAL GTA 6 related content very soon!   

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News GTA 6 Official Website May be Launched Very Soon!
GTA 6 Official Website May be Launched Very Soon!

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24 march 2020, 13:38