The best GTA 6 Discord Servers

More and more information about Grand Theft Auto VI is going to be shown to the gamers soon. That’s why you may want to become a part of a community where you can track all the updates and discuss them with other game fans. We recommend finding and joining GTA 6 Discord server for this.

This is why joining a Discord is a very good idea:

  • You can ask questions and get fast answers. A Discord server works similar to Skype but it’s made for gamers. It allows you to communicate using messages and even voice. If you join Grand Theft Auto VI discord server you can ask questions to the community and receive answers almost immediately.
  • This will help you to see what’s going on with the game. You will know all the latest news and interesting updates.

But all the benefits above can be received only if you join a server with a good community, moderators and so on. That’s why we have prepared a list of the most reliable moderated GTA 6 Discord channels you can find right now:

  • - Official channel of Grand Theft Auto 6 Reddit community. The channel is huge and is growing every day. It’s #1 in our list because it has very good moderation and different bots.

Right now our list is short, but we will be updating it when new servers become available. If you want your channel to be added to this list, send it to us and we will look at it.

GTA 6 Discord

Don’t forget that joining a channel is quite simple very often, but each big channel has a list of rules you have to follow. For example, you may not be allowed to post spam and similar stuff. That’s why we recommend to read the rules after joining and don’t break them.

We also recommend staying away from sending useless messages. Make sure your messages are always valuable. Just imagine what will happen if the community of 1000 people starts spamming the chat with different garbage… A lot of valuable content may be lost.

Searching for more servers

If you are not satisfied with our list you may find to try to search for the servers yourself. Who knows, maybe you will find something better. You can use for this. The website allows to search communities by tags, so you can use GTA 6 tag for this.

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